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Discipleship is a priority at Whiteflag. However, we know that not everyone is on the same level spiritually, and everyone has different needs in order to grow and mature. We have designed a new, innovative way to disciple students, and we want you to be a part of the excitement. This is a great opportunity for you as a Christian to decide where you are spiritually, make a plan, and then give yourself time to grow and develop at your own pace. So, what is Whiteflag+ ? It is simply a free subscription to discipleship. 


Each plan is ranked in order of commitment level and where you personally think you are ready to begin in your relationship with Jesus. Below each commitment phase is a description of the type of questions that will be answered when you subscribe. At any time you can upgrade your level of commitment. Only cost is time and effort. You also have the option to stay with your plan as long as you like before advancing on to the next phase. Only requirement is that once you commit to staying in the plan that you give it everything you got for three months. If you decide to upgrade at that point you can or you can opt to unsubscribe. At any time you can upgrade without having to complete the three months but only to upgrade. At any time, if for some reason you can’t keep your commitment you may be asked to leave the subscription until a later time when you agree that you are ready. You can always go back a phase as well if you get into one stage that is too overwhelming. Below is a guideline of the new stages of Whiteflag discipleship. Read through each plan/stage and decide where you want to start on your journey of faith. 


Not Right Now Stage

 I am not at a place right now to begin any of the below steps of Whiteflag+ but I would like to be informed of upcoming events and activities and added to a bi-weekly contact list for prayer and updates.

Explore Stage

 Topics to learn:
What does it mean to be a Christian? What is Christianity?
What are values/morals?
What is the basics of the Bible?
Common Christian terminology?
Am I saved? How do I know for sure about my salvation?
Weekly assignments: Read through assigned material (brief) on basics of Christianity and make a list of questions to ask - submit via text or in an online discussion forum. ( can be anonymous/private comments if you prefer)

Abide Stage

Topics to learn:
How to decide where your relationship with Jesus is going?
Basic journaling 101- reading and prayer
Basic Scripture memorization
How to share your testimony?
How to become passionate about the Word?
Weekly requirements: Answer a set of 5 to 10 questions based on assigned Scripture. Submit via text or in an online discussion forum ( can be anonymous/private comments if you choose).

Connect Stage

Reality is setting in and you are realizing what a commitment takes.
Topics to learn:
How to recognize your weaknesses and learn through the Power of the Holy Spirit on how to overcome them?
Learn to be diligent in your quiet time with the Lord, making it a habit and setting a specific time.
Learn to problem solve and use the Bible to help answer questions about sin such as worry, sexual immorality, underage drinking, etc.
Learn to be more open and share what God is teaching you from your quiet time with the Lord.
Realize this is a vital stage and may take a while but be willing to share your struggles and issues with others to help fight Satan and temptation
Learn to find the best learning method for you- journaling, sketching, talking out loud, etc.
Weekly assignments: Read assigned Scripture and journal/pray through each quiet time with the Lord. Learned assigned Scripture and be willing to text or discuss online in a forum ( this is the stage where you learn boldness to not remain anonymous)

Share Stage

In this stage you will be pushed to your best? You will have a mentor. This stage requires an interview before being allowed to participate. 
Topics to learn:
Learn to use commentary.
Learn to share the Gospel.
Learn to lead a Bible study.
Learn how to listen to God when others tell you the opposite.
How and when to fast?
You will be assigned a weekly phone call or zoom call that lasts 15 minutes to discuss and talk about what God is teaching you with your mentor as well as text or post to the weekly forum discussion.
Weekly assignments: You will be reading the same as your mentor with much more freedom as to how far you dive deep into the study. You will also be memorizing Scripture and have questions asked of you in regards to sharing the Gospel with those in your daily life. These will be open and honest conversations.

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